How Your Lotto Ticket Helps Health Services Like Aged Care, Disability And Mental Health

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Have you ever wondered where the available profits from your Lotto tickets go (aside from the big prizes)?

Along with putting you in the running to win a life-transforming prize, a portion of your Lotto ticket helps make great things happen around the state to the tune of $323 million last financial year via Lotterywest’s grants program!

Chorus is a non-profit organisation that provides a range of services to more than 10,000 people in the disability, aged care and mental health sectors, and Lotterywest’s grants program is helping them in a huge way.

Thanks to your Lotto tickets, a grant of $198,450 helped Chorus develop a training package to strengthen their aged care, disability, and mental health services. 

In 2022, an additional grant of over $500,000, supported an Innovation Lab for Chorus to redesign its approach to delivering community services in response to loneliness and social isolation within neighbourhoods. This grant resulted in the development of the Fresh Approach program.

The three key elements to the Fresh Approach program include:

 • Working in more local and relationship-based ways, getting to know communities better and learning how to form better connections with customers;

• Finding ways to connect with the people and groups in a community to help form networks of care. It’s all about looking out for neighbours and each other;

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• Working to better coordinate and connect players in the “formal” care economy, including local government, other providers, health services and businesses.

Chorus has now created a network of 20 locally based teams across WA to deliver this Fresh Approach and enable communities to thrive.

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