Learn how your Lotto tickets are helping support and rehome dogs in WA

K9 Dog Rescue Perth
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Have you ever wondered where the available profits from your Lotto ticket goes (aside from the big prizes)?

Along with putting you in the running to win a life-transforming prize, a portion of your Lotto ticket helps make great things happen around the state to the tune of $323 million last financial year via Lotterywest’s grants program.

Having explored Lotterywest grants’ impact on a variety of sectors including wildlife conservation, the arts and health, today it’s all about the furry friends at K9 Rescue Group.

Thanks to West Aussies playing Lotto, the Lotterywest grants program has helped invest $180,000 towards improved kennel facilities at K9 Rescue Group aiding the support, care and rehoming of abandoned dogs across communities in WA.

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K9 Dog Rescue Perth

With the support of more than 100 dedicated volunteers contributing around 500 hours a week, and despite operating during testing COVID-19 conditions, in 2020/21 K9 Rescue Group:

  • Rescued 232 dogs from within the local area;
  • provided veterinary attention to all dogs;
  • rehomed 227 dogs; and
  • provided back to work opportunities for people on community schemes, work experience for students and other compassionate volunteers.

As the issue of re-homing pets only intensifies in the current cost-of-living and rental crisis, the ongoing support of K9 Rescue Group with these new facilities ensures the continued health and safety of volunteers and rescue dogs alike.

You can learn more about Lotterywest and K9 Rescue Group here, and more about Lotterywest grants at the Lotterywest Dream State Story Hub.

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