We’re Teaming Up With LITT To Give Away $5K To Spend At A Heap Of Local Businesses

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2020 has been a rough time just about any way you look at it, and one sector that’s suffered the most is local business.

And that’s why we’re stoked to announce a new giveaway that not only helps a heap of local Perth businesses, but gives you a whole bunch of goodies – like $5,000 worth.

We’re teaming up with Perth-based social media and e-commerce app LITT, to give away $5,000 in LITT cash to spend at a heap of local businesses.

If you’re wondering what exactly LITT is and how it works, that’s totally fair, so we’ll break it down a little for you.

Essentially it’s a new form of social media that brings communities and businesses together, while also offering rewards for simply using the App.

That means getting rewards while you scroll and shop in-store at select business, along with accessing live deals in augmented reality.

Like this:

You can also chat with your friends and share moments on your feed to stay connected with those close to you.

Importantly, the LITT App actually cares about your privacy, with no sharing or selling of personal data to third parties, and they support charities like Happiness Co –inspiring people to take action on their lives and mental health.

So now you’ve got the general gist, how do you win that sweet, sweet $5K?

  •  Download and signup to LITT on iOS or Android
  • Upload an original photo on LITT and hashtag #perthisok

The winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday October 15, and you can enter as many times as you like.

T&Cs available here.