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Lake Kepwari
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Whether its Collie’s expansive and expanding network of hiking and mountain biking trails, historical relevance, national parks, or great food and drink spots, it’s become a popular destination as we seek to discover more and more of our state. Its main drawcard remains the beautiful lakes and rivers that litter the area, like Honeymoon Pool, Black Diamond Lake and Potters Gorge to name a few…

In the past couple of years its added a new feather to its lake-laden cap, Lake Kepwari, and here’s all you need to know about it:

What Is It:
Lake Kepwari is the site of an old coal mine that had been mooted as a potential water-based recreation area for almost a decade, before finally achieving that goal in late 2020. Now it’s a purpose-built recreation zone with parking bays, toilets and barbecues, with designated boating and water ski areas, spots to go swimming, canoeing and fishing, camping zones and more.

Where Is It:
Part of the Collie lakes district, Lake Kepwari is located 10km southeast of Collie as the crow flies, or a 16km drive. It’ll take you about 2-and-a-half hours to get there from Perth, just head south along the Old Coast Rd before turning left onto Raymond and Coalfields Roads until you get to Collie. From there it’s down Collie-Preston Rd and Mcalinden Rd before following the signs along Neath Rd.

Lake Kepwari

What To Do:
Get ready for a day (or couple of days) of water-based activities for the whole family! Lake Kepwari has a designated water ski and boating area, with a boat ramp and parking area for trailers.

If a slower pace is more your thing, you can also go kayaking and canoeing in Lake Kepwari, with swimming areas safely away from the boating areas. There are gas barbecues and sheltered areas overlooking the lake, making for some prime picnic locations.

You can also camp onsite for $11/night for adults and cheaper for kids (there are 53 campsites all up over two sites), but you’ll need to check availability and book ahead.

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Lake Kepwari

What Not To Do:
Fish or marron without a license – make sure you hit up the Department Of Fisheries before heading to Lake Kepwari if you intend to fish.

Forget water if you’re camping – there is tank water available on site but it’s not treated, so come prepared or make sure you boil the water before consuming.

Anything else?
Lake Kepwari is pet friendly, but dogs must remain on a leash at all times. For more to see and do around the area, check our list of the Top 10 Things To Do In Collie.

Image Credit: Perth is OK!