The Best Indoor Activities Around Perth

byPerth Is OK Staff
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Perth may be a favourite for warm summer days by the beach, so it can be easy to find yourself wishing the cold winter days away. Even though mercury may be dipping, there are still so many fun indoor activities in Perth that can be enjoyed no matter what mother nature is concocting outside. Don’t let your social calendar get washed away with the storm, keep the winter depression at bay at one of these unique and exciting indoor activities in Perth.

Aloha Surfhouse

If winter certainly isn’t your thing and you find yourself dreaming of a Hawaiian escape, save yourself the plane ticket, everything you need is north of the river. Aloha Surfhouse is a climbing and wave park, yoga house, and party hub. Catch some barrels, have a pint and a burger or dance to the DJ, you won’t even hear the thunder outside. Whether you’re a seasoned shredder or a newbie, Aloha has everything from giant forever-breaking waves, to super helpful surf instructors. Even better, they host parties so grab some friends and make a day of it.

Girls School Cinema

Go back to school for a movie date with a twist. Not just any old cinema, this place has been renovated from an abandoned school. Located in the late Perth Girls School, the Egyptian Art-Deco building fit for royalty, has been converted into a viewing house for your pleasure. Kick back on a beanbag with a glass of wine and pizza from Mack Daddy’s New York Slice as you enjoy screenings old and new. The cinema is just one small part of a plan to turn the defunct school into a thriving cultural precinct so there’s plenty still to come.

Palace Arcade Bar

This vintage arcade game hall is the prefect haunt for a winter reprieve. Enjoy a gin and tonic with a game of Pacman, or maybe an espresso martini with Space Invaders, or even a Kraken and dry alongside Donkey Kong. This bar and game house has all the old classics from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Consider your winter a great success after nailing your pinball high score and maybe finding a new favourite poison in the process.

Xtreme Ice Arena

Embrace the cold the way Canadians do and go ice-skating at the ice arena. Nothing will make you celebrate the chill more than heckling at a hockey game, thrashing around on bumper cars, going on a disco skate or taking an ice skating lesson. Laugh with your friends as you slip and slide across the court, or perhaps show off to everyone if you’re a seasoned skater. Join a team and learn how to figure skate or speed skate for a unique winter weekend hobby. Take a break and have a crack at the skill tester or if you weren’t the best on ice, verse your mate at air hockey instead, the options are endless.

Amplifier Bowl

Home of beers, bowl, and rock n roll, Amplifier Bar knows how to throw one heck of a party. Head down to the live music venue, book 3-10 frames and verse your friends in the neon-clad water hole. With $6 pints and $5 frames, you can rock out for cheap to live DJ’s and bands guaranteed every weekend.


Want to skydive but can’t take the leap? At Perth’s indoor skydiving capsule, everyone’s an extreme sports star. The qualified instructor will guide you through an experience equivalent to a 14,000 foot skydive. The vertical wind tunnel simulates the conditions of a real-life free fall, allowing you to have all the fun minus the fear. Better yet, being completely indoors there’s no need for good weather conditions, so you can flip, fly and glide; rain, hail or shine.

Holey Moley

If you start off with mini-golf, add a whole lot of attitude, charm, humour and booze, you get yourself Holey Moley. Now across two locations in Perth you can putt putt your way through a labyrinth of forever-changing hilariously themed courses. Test your skill (mostly luck) between 9 and 18 holes, filled with bizarre and wonderful challenges along the way. Work on your liquid courage at the fully-serviced bar and top it of with a crack at Karaoke. This place is just one big party.

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