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We’re not complaining about an afternoon at a charming bar, but sometimes you need to try something a bit different. Here are some of our favourite things to do when we’re looking for a unique activity:

Channel Your Inner Wim Hof With Cold Nips

Sure, you can jump into a freezing ocean whenever, but why not make a few friends along the way? Every Wednesday (or Wednipsday), Cold Nips gathers like-minded, cold-loving maniacs to go for a hump-day dip. Their mantra is meet, splash, vibe – and it’s a truly invigorating way to start the day.

Unique Perth Experiences, Cold Nips

Test Your Aim With Some Clay Target Shooting

We’re pacifists and all, but we’re not opposed to testing our grit against some innocent clay targets. Hot Shots Shooting is Perth’s foremost clay target shooting facility, helmed by Commonwealth Games gold medallist and national shooter Laura Coles. Grab the crew for a private party, or book in for one of their weekend Have A Shot sessions where you can try your hand at the historic sport.

Snorkel The Omeo Wreck

If you saw a photo of Omeo Wreck on the internet, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was photoshopped. The iron steam ship came adrift from Fremantle port way back in 1905, getting bogged in the sand at Coogee. Over the years it has remained in that spot, gradually falling apart with only the sternpost and a section of the collapsed bow triangle protruding from the water. Only 25 metres from the shore (and those picture-perfect stairs into the ocean!), the wreck is the centrepiece of the Coogee Maritime Trail; a recently completed initiative by the City Of Cockburn to create an epic snorkelling trail along Coogee Beach.

Unique Perth Experiences, Omeo Shipwreck

Photo by @aboveperthsky

Discover The Shoalwater Islands

Rockingham is home to plenty of impressive wildlife – and we don’t just mean the Premier! As well as stunning white sand beaches, the surrounding water is part of the Shoalwater Island Marine Park. The park includes some great snorkelling sites, as well as the nearby Churchill Park Dive Trail and Saxon Ranger dive wreck if you’ve got the appropriate permit. Just off the coast you’ll find the Shoalwater Islands themselves – Seal, Shag and Penguin, each named for their local residents. Penguin Island, while only around 800 metres in length, is the largest of the islands; home to a colony of over 1000 Little Penguins, along with dolphins, sea lions and heap of other aquatic life – plus there’s a discovery centre where you can learn about and meet the penguins! To check it out, book in for a ferry tour or kayak across to the islands (just make sure to keep your distance from the wildlife!).

Take A Romantic Gondola Ride On The Swan

Do our eyes deceive us? Are we in Venice? Nope, we’re in a gondola, cruising down the Swan, with a glass of champagne in hand. If spotting dolphins in the sunshine isn’t a vibe, then we don’t know what is.

Unique Perth Experiences, Gondolas On The Swan

Spot Some Blue Whales Off Rotto

Less than 20 kilometres west of Rottnest Island is the Perth Canyon Marine Park. Australia’s largest underwater canyon, it encompasses over 2900 square kilometres and reaches depths of four kilometres (which is way, way deeper than the Grand Canyon, FYI). Between March and May it’s also where you’ll find the largest concentration of blue whales in Australia. As well as blue whales, you might also spot humpbacks, orcas, minkes, sunfish and many more marine megafauna. If you’re viewing from dry land, head to the west end of the island; lookouts like the Cape Vlamingh Viewing Platform are perfect, otherwise you can book a ticket onboard one of Rotto’s many whale watching vessels.

Have A Pint With The Locals At John Forrest Tavern

It goes without saying at this point, but we love exploring John Forrest National Park and hunting down a waterfall or two… but no trip to the park would be complete without a post-hike beer at the Tavern afterwards, alongside the friendly roos.

Photo by Nick Stewart

Catch A Flick At The Drive-In

Sure, we might head to the cinema pretty regularly, but this is no ordinary movie theatre: take a trip back in time and visit one of the last remaining drive-ins in all of Australia. Perth’s only drive-in theatre, head there on a Tuesday night for some retro bargains to match the setting.

Explore Our Very Own Museum of Natural History

Shake up your next antiquing afternoon in Guildford with a visit to the Museum of Natural History. This place is every bit bizarre as it is wonderful with over 2,000 stuffed creatures to peruse. You’ll find anything from a Western Quoll to a friendly house-dog, and the best thing is they’re ready and posing for your next selfie!

Museum Of Natural History Guildford

Photo via Swan Valley/Facebook

Try Your Hand At A New Skill

We’re blessed to be surrounded by so many talented creatives in Perth – but why not also get creative ourselves? Learn from the best, slow down and acquire a new skill with a local workshop – we’ve rounded up nine of our favourites over HERE.

Unique Perth Experiences, Workshops, Not Yet Perfect

Photo via Not Yet Perfect

Hunt Down The Best Bánh Mì

If it weren’t for the conti roll, we reckon the state’s favourite sandwich would have to be the bánh mì. We have plenty of favourites (which you can check out HERE), but why not judge it for yourself? Take a tour through Girrawheen, the bánh mì hotspot of Perth, and grab a selection of rolls to see who comes out on top.

Tour Through The Quirky And Hidden Bars Of Perth

Ok, we implied we were looking for something to do that wasn’t hanging out at a bar… But when there are this many quirky and interesting bars around Perth, it’s worth a mention. Pick out a few from our list of favourites and go for an adventure across the city. How many can you hit in a day? Only your imagination limits you.

Take Your Next Game To A New Level

Our sporting pride-and-joy, (and Grand Final-hosting) Optus Stadium, is a world-class spot to take in a game, no matter the season. Awarded in 2019 as Most Beautiful Sports Facility in the World, the stadium itself is worth the price of admission (if it’s not already sold out before the game). If you want to get a next-level view of the venue, you can even watch a quarter of footy from the best seat in the house – the roof! By the time next year’s footy season rolls around, you’ll also be able to enjoy the view from the new ring pull-esque platform.

Immerse Yourself In A VR Experience

Hidden down the Murray Street mall in the Perth CBD, Ready Team One is the brainchild of a few Perth mates with a passion for VR and the desire to create a unique gaming experience the likes of which you literally cannot find anywhere else in Australia. Set within an expansive 200 square metre VR arena, this is the only VR experience incorporating full body tracking – including your fingers! Once suited up you take control of a fully-kitted avatar complete with weaponry to take on one of three scenarios – an alien invasion, a zombie apocalypse, or an all-out war. Far from a boring shoot ‘em up, you’ll be fully immersed for up to 40 minutes minutes where it’ll take teamwork and sharp thinking to solve puzzles and escape a variety of situations.

Unique Perth Experiences, Ready Team One

Ghost House Walk Trail

One of the most unique national parks in the state is just on the city’s doorstep. Yanchep National Park was granted national park status in 1969. With a history of mixed use that includes recreation, public gardens, campsites and even military purposes, it’s home to a number of buildings and lawned areas that are unusual for a national park. The Ghost House Walk Trail is the premier walk trail in the park, with the 12.5km loop providing a nice distance to see plenty of the landscape. Plus, of course, the titular Ghost House: the crumbling remains of an old limestone building. While the debate over whether a ghost lives there rages on, exploring the ruins and the old military bunkers can certainly send a shiver up your spine!

Freeze Your Proverbials Off With A Cryotherapy Session

We’re up for trying anything, and that includes blasting ourselves with freezing nitrogen in a space-age chamber. While that’s fun enough on its own, cryotherapy has heaps of benefits. As your skin is cooled by 30 degrees over a couple of minutes, your body sends super-oxygenated blood to your vital organs, which in turn helps with immunity, sleep quality, collagen production and heaps more. If this all sounds up your alley, hit up The Polar Room for a session – you can even book in with your mates for a whole party!

Dine… In The Dark

Dining in the dark has got to be one of the most unexpected global phenomenons, but hey – we’re not complaining! Try the remarkable sensory experience for yourself with one of Fever’s unique dinners at The Stables, where you’ll be surprised by a mystery menu. Running until the end of September, grab your tickets HERE.

Unique Perth Experiences, Dining In The Dark, The Stables

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Rock Some Pinball While You Roll A Few Beverages

In recent times Perth’s become a little arcade machine obsessed, which means there’s a bunch of places where you can combine our other favourite past time – a few drinks with pals. Palace Arcade has two venues around town filled with old school arcade machines and pinball games, along with excellent food and drink options while you party. Planet Royale has also just opened, with one of Australia’s largest collections of pinball machines, an epic Pulp Fiction-themed diner, rock’n’roll-themed whiskey bar and huge theatre for performances and film screening. Right in the CBD too you’ll find the just-opened B. Lucky & Sons, a wacky funhouse of arcade machines, bowling and more.

Delve Into Fremantle’s Tunnels

While Freo Prison’s above-ground history is interesting enough, those truly up for an adventure can delve into its depths with a tour through the tunnel system below. Built by prisoners doing hard labour, the tunnels form a labyrinthine system which provided water through Fremantle for over 30 years. Now open to the public, you’ll be lead by foot before embarking on a boat journey through the claustrophobic passageways. Find out more information about the tours HERE.

Unique Perth Experiences, Fremantle Prison Tunnel Tour

Yanchep Crystal Caves

As well as mysterious Ghost House trails, Yanchep is also home to a shimmering crystal cave. While Margaret River’s caves may be more well-known, this limestone cave is a mere hour from the CBD. Filled with stalactites, stalagmites and helictites, discover the geological wonder of the caves with a guided tour. Find out more about the Crystal Cave and book a guided tour HERE.