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Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at building your own home from all angles – from choosing your builder and picking designs and locations to getting your build financed and most recently, the Prestart phase.

And this week we’re continuing our home build journey with New Generation Homes, peeling back the curtains a little on the different building methods you can employ, and how to decide which is right for you. This includes looking at both the short-term effects on things like cost and time, and long-term effects on sustainability.

Read on below for the different building methods offered at New Generation Homes, and check out this brochure for a deeper breakdown of different building construction methods.

Construction methods

There are a variety of construction methods used by different builders, but essentially, you’re looking at employing three main types that we’ll outline for you below, including New Generation Homes’ preferred option, BrickHybrid:


This method of construction combines brickwork and steel-framing, which leads to time efficiencies during the build, along with superior insulation. This in turn provides moderated temperatures during warmer and colder months. It also provides excellent insulation from noise pollution – protecting you from the neighbour’s parties…and vice versa of course! In New Generations Homes’ experience the steel-framing aspect of this method also saves you money (see: brochure), which is something we can all agree on is a good thing.

New Generation Homes BrickHybrid

Durable and resilient, TRUECORE® steel’s metallic coating incorporates Activate® technology, offering enhanced corrosion resistance meaning a longer life, conserving resources and energy that may otherwise be invested in products with a shorter life span. BlueScope incorporates recycled materials across their range of steel products and the steel in TRUECORE® steel is 100% recyclable.

New Generation Homes Steel

Double Brick

The Double Brick method is commonly implemented around WA with external and internal brickwork and either plaster or plasterboard lining, offering great acoustic properties to reduce noise pollution.

New Generation Homes Double Brick

Fully Framed Steel

In New Generations Homes’ opinion, based on 40 years of building experience, fully-framed steel homes have been earmarked as the way of the future, being an important leader in the realms of sustainability and efficiency.

Home Portal

After locking down your preferred construction method, we’re finally at the building stage and you’ll be able to follow each stage along the way with New Generation’s Home Portal – offering direct updates (with pictures) of your build. This will be in conjunction with your building supervisor who you’ll meet at commencement and will be in constant communication during the build providing regular updates, any potential challenges or delays, important stages etc.

Finally, if you want a more detailed stage-by-stage timeline, you can visit this link.

Head to New Generation Homes to get your new home dream started!

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