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If you’re thinking about building a home, there are a number of key areas that may feel a little overwhelming at first, but with proper research and smart decisions your life will be a whole lot easier. We’re going to tackle a host of these areas over the next few weeks with the help of the experts at New Generation Homes, and after talking BUILDERS recently, this time around we’re looking at important factors when it comes to choosing the right house and land for you.


The most important factor when it comes to choosing what kind of house you’ll build and where you’ll build it is lifestyle…namely, yours! There are so many aspects of your current and future lifestyle that will dictate your home, and they all have to come into play. 

It’s imperative you prioritise which aspects of your lifestyle are the most important, and make these clear to your New Home Consultant. From there your consultant can find land that suits not only your budget, but your current and future plans and lifestyle preferences. 

New Generation Homes offer an easy-to-use guide to different suburbs around Perth, breaking it down into “smart stuff” (nearby schools and education); “fun stuff” (recreation areas, food and drink precincts); “important stuff” (infrastructure, shopping centres etc.); and the numbers (median house/land price, age demographics, population). For instance, you might want to live closer to the beach but don’t have a huge budget, and therefore something like Alkimos could be appealing. Or you’d like to be a short drive to the food and wine offerings in the Swan Valley, making Aveley an attractive proposition.

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Lot Size

When it comes to picking the design of your house, lot size is going to be a big factor given rules around the types of homes that can vary between different estates, and the type of homes that can be built on them. For instance, some lots may be better or only suited to multi-storey homes, especially narrow lots, which not only might you not want, you might not be able to afford.

Image via New Generation Homes – Solstice


After you’ve established where you’d like to build and what size lot it’ll be on, arguably the toughest part of the process begins – choosing your design. There’s so much to consider when designing your home, it can be a little overwhelming, so here’s a few of the most important factors to consider:

– Do you expect to start a family in your home? If so you’ll need to think about room numbers and space for play and activities.

– Are cooking and entertaining important to you? If so you might want to consider a larger kitchen, outdoor patio area etc.

– Do you have a lot of “stuff”? Storage space and shed space are incredibly important parts of the process, and need to be considered.

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– Work from home a lot? You’ll want a nice study to do so!

– Pay attention to current trends? Make sure you find a design that will stand the test of time and you’ll (hopefully) still love in 10 years.

– Technology-savvy? You might want to make sure your house is smart-home capable.

Once you’re able to answer important – and occasionally tough – questions like these, it’s time to start exploring your options.

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