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It’s not a stretch to suggest we love the city of Perth. Perhaps it’s our tongue-in-cheek name, or the hundreds of thousands of people in our network who share a similar affinity for Australia’s “most isolated city”. Throw in how good things are going here in this tumultuous year and it’s hard not to feel truly blessed.

And as things slowly return back to normal, perhaps you’re a student from the east coast or a different country, thinking of picking Perth to make your study home base in the future. We consider ourselves pretty clued in on the things that make Perth so great, so please read on below as we humbly submit 10 reasons Perth would make a great place to study…

1. Our idyllic climate.

Perth’s Mediterranean climate might just be one of the most agreeable in the country. Our winters are nowhere near as wet or cold as Melbourne’s, nor are our summer’s as humid as Sydney and Brisbane’s. We have the most hours of sunshine in Australia, which leads to pretty chill winters and warm, sunny summers, leading us to our next point…

2. WA is home to some of best beaches on the planet.

If you don’t mind a dip in the ocean, may we submit the crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean for your approval. And you don’t even have to travel far out of the city to see some of our best, like iconic Cottesloe, surf city Scarborough, the dreamy dog-filled dunes of Leighton Beach and more. From there it’s just a few hours north or south to the world famous surf breaks of Margaret River, long, white sandy coves of Esperance, or where the red dirt meets the sea in Broome and Exmouth.

3. Our rent won’t break your bank.

In terms of median rental prices around Australia, Perth actually comes in the lowest out of all the major cities! According to Australian financial comparison and research site Canstar, last year Perth’s median house rental price was $385/week, compared to Adelaide ($386), Brisbane ($436), Hobart ($453), Melbourne ($454), Darwin ($458), Canberra ($550) and Sydney ($582). In addition to renting your own space, Perth is flush with a variety of different – and even cheaper – student accommodation options.

4. We’re a city without all the congestion.

Perth has always been known as the city which grows out instead of up, a feature that in the past may have seemed counter-productive, but in 2020 definitely feels like a better way to be. Perth’s CBD isn’t massive, and while the rest of the suburbs are generally spread out, our relatively smaller population means it’s not as much of a headache getting around as other cities. By the day our freeways are getting more efficient, working in conjunction with an ever-expanding rail network and public transport system that’s easy to navigate.

5. There are plenty of excellent education options.

We’ve got a variety of study options in Perth, including world-class universities the University Of Western Australia, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch and the University Of Notre Dame. There is also several different TAFE campuses, private colleges, pathway providers, English language institutions and schools to explore, so reading up is essential.

6. There are world-class weekend getaways galore.

2020 has seen Western Australia’s incredible tourism offerings really shine, with experiences you simply won’t find anywhere else on the globe. Like swimming with whale sharks, or exploring the incredible natural gorges of Karijini National Park, the kangaroo-filled beaches of Esperance and so much more. Closer to home though there are a plethora of wildlife- and waterfall-filled national parks to explore, places to camp by the beach, an island filled with cute little fluffy marsupials and much, much more.

Perth and its surrounds are an adventurer’s playground awaiting semesters and semesters worth of exploration!

7. It’s got a bubbling food and drink scene.

Perhaps weekend hikes aren’t high on the radar, but sampling the best food and drink you can find is? Perth has a delicious eating and drinking scene, one filled with small bars, live music venues and restaurants to suit any occasion or budget awaiting discovery. From the bustling Northbridge nightlife district, to the wine-soaked Swan Valley, and a coastline littered with cafés and bars, it’s truly a foodie’s paradise.

8. …And a bohemian paradise just down the road.

The port city of Fremantle is an area steeped in history and friendly, laidback vibes. From its own fantastic foodie scene, the heritage-listed Fremantle Gaol and the world-renowned Fremantle Markets to sparkling South Freo, streets lined with Victorian-era architecture and the coffee-fueled cappuccino strip, you’ll find it hard to ever leave.

9. There’s plenty of part-time work for visiting students

While you work towards your future career, you might need to keep working while you study, and fortunately there’s a wide variety of part-time work options around Perth. Not only do they keep you on top of things financially, work can be a great avenue towards growing your community within Perth, and expanding your local skill set. The StudyPerth website has a Jobs In Perth section which makes for an excellent start point.

10. We’re a friendly city that loves to make new mates.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously in Perth (just don’t ask why our coffee is better than Melbourne’s, it just is), and we’re happy to make new friends whenever we can. We legitimately do have boundless plains to share, we’ve got a pretty vibrant economy and we love to have a laugh.

So if you’re thinking of heading to Perth to begin your next phase of learning life, head to StudyPerth for an in-depth breakdown of everything you’ll need to get started.

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