Creating vibrant places and reimagining spaces, how RAC and Town Teams are connecting communities

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As we touched on recently, human connection and community connectivity has only become more important in recent years.

And one way to go about this is creating more vibrant local areas for people to live, work and connect all over WA.

RAC is working towards a better connected WA and together with the legends at Town Team Movement they’ve been reimagining and revitalising some fantastic local hubs around the State.

Check out four recent examples below:

Roxy Laneway with the Creative Maylands Town Team

Previously a dull space in the Maylands Town Centre, Roxy Laneway scored a new lease on life thanks to a beautiful new mural celebrating local businesses in the area. With Creative Maylands Town Team at the helm, RAC supported the project with the addition of 30 ‘boots on the ground’ volunteers to bring the project to completion:

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Corrigin Courtyard with 1922 & You and Corrigin Collective

Being a small and remote community of around 1000 people, setting up a place for the people of Corrigin to meet, connect and play was important for the future of the town. After significant fundraising was already completed thanks to the local Town Team, RAC added additional funding to upgrade a popular historic landmark in the town to feature a stage, yarning circle, water garden, mud kitchen and more.

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RAC Connected Town Teams

Pickle District Park with the Pickle District Town Team

Following the installation of the Mitchell Freeway in the ‘70s, one of Perth’s first community parks, the 100-year-old Hamilton Park on Old Aberdeen Place, was lost – until now! Together with the Pickle District Town Team, the transformed park will continue to reinvigorate the bubbling Pickle District arts hub with more space for community events thanks to new pathways, picnic benches and stage.

RAC Connected Town Teams

Dunny Do-over with the Donnybrook Town Team

The kind of tongue-in-cheek project that only works with strong local communities, the local Town Team engaged the Donnybrook community to help co-design an epic new mural in the town. It featured contributions from over 760 residents, with more than 80 community members coming together to paint the new mural. Creating these spaces is one thing, but having the community provide significant contributions to the project only enhanced the sense of ownership and pride within the town.

RAC Connected Town Teams

Learn more about how RAC is revitalising public spaces and laying the foundation to support safe, sustainable, and connected communities here.

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