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There’s always a lot of chit chat lately about what makes Perth…Perth, and with that in mind, we decided to make a big old list of things to do around town we reckon you’ve got to tick off before you kick the proverbial bucket.

Some of them obvious, some of them a bit cheeky, and some of them we don’t even know where they came from, but all in a bit of fun.


Go for a late night feed in Chinatown

Is there a longer running, deeper rivalry than the one between Billy Lees and Uncle Billy’s diners? We’ll try to avoid any contentious statements, but one thing we know for sure: a late night feed in Chinatown is an iconic Perth tradition. Open til the wee hours of the morning, what was once a necessity (just about nothing else is open, after all) has become a destination in and of itself. Make sure to sit in the laneway to take in the maximum ambience.

Get a continental roll (or two) from The Re Store

She’s an icon, she’s a superstar, never the same, totally unique, never been done before: she’s the conti roll. If you’re talking about the iconic sandwich, you gotta go straight to the source – and that’s the Re Store, baby! If you’re a newbie, be prepared for a pretty hectic lunchtime rush – stay strong, it’s worth it. Here’s a bunch of other great options too.

Line up for a cinny scroll from North Street Store

Our love for North Street Store has been well documented, and we’re not about to start reigning it in any time soon. Not sorry! And as they say, love is patient, et cetera. So while we’re reluctant to stand in line for much, for NSS, we’ll wait as long as we have to. Obviously the cinny scroll is the crowd-pleaser, but no matter our mood, NSS have something to hit the spot. Don’t wanna wait in line? Try this list of our fave cinny scrolls around the rest of the city!

People watch at Picabar

After that contentious lease debacle of 2019, Picabar now have a 10 year lease and their eyes firmly fixed on the future. First on the list was a refurbishment of the historic premises, and they’re back with a vengeance, plus a schmick new bar, new decking, and a cosy fireplace for winter. That courtyard has levelled up, and there’s even more space to take in all the characters of the Cultural Centre, say g’day to mates walking past (somehow happens without fail), or have a quick after-work bevvy before catching the train home.

Drink too much coffee and eat too many bagels at Satchmo Cafe

The benefits of a bagel at Satchmo cannot, we repeat, cannot be understated. If you could see just how many we’ve tallied on delivery apps, you might feel a degree of concern. You know, when you’re laying in bed on Sunday morning, not quite ready to face the day… a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do. But a freshly made bagel, a mug of batch brew Twin Peaks coffee, a slice of babka and a side of live jazz? That’s enough to get anyone out of bed.

Soak up the sunset at Madalena’s

We can’t help but wax lyrical when it comes to most things about South Freo… but Madalena’s has gotta be at the top of the list. Sitting outside, glass of wine in hand, octopus on plate, basking in the late afternoon sunshine is basically bliss. When the husband and wife team behind super popular Brazilian food truck Comida do Sul opened Madalena’s back in the tail end of 2018, it was no surprise that it became one of the most talked about restaurants in Perth, and Australia at large. This relaxed boteco has a menu that celebrates local seafood, as well as a wine list curated in conjunction with the guys at Wise Child. You’d think you were on the beach in Barcelona if it wasn’t so classically Perth. Feeling a bit more México than España? La Cabaña is just next door, to make all your taco dreams come true.

Cop a late night feed at The Moon

Ok, so it’s late, but Chinatown isn’t quite the vibe tonight. There’s only one choice, and that choice is The Moon. This institution has been keeping the late night revellers of Northbridge fed and watered since 1991, and we’re old enough to remember the good old days of the dine-and-dash wall of shame. While the diner vibes used to include some comically mean service (part of the charm, honestly), in more recent years it’s transformed into a warm and welcoming late-night spot.

Pack a picnic and head to Hyde Park

There’s nothing that makes us feel like a real, proper city like an inner-city park – and Hyde Park will do the trick quite nicely. We’ve spent many long afternoons lounging under the shade of the plane trees, whether it’s been nursing a hangover or at a family-friendly barbecue (por que no los dos?). Accompanied by a coffee and loaded toast from Chu Bakery, making friends with passing pooches – there are worse ways to spend an afternoon, that’s for sure.

Sit by the fire and dig into an Alfred’s Burger

It only takes a quick glance at our comments anytime we mention burgers to determine the vast passion the people of Perth have for Alfred’s. These might not be the fanciest, most glamorous, gourmet burgers you can find in Perth. But as they say, without darkness, there is no light, and you can’t have gourmet without home-style goodness – and that’s what Alfred’s is all about. Pull up to this roadside spot in Guildford for a complete lack of pretentiousness, a super, tasty affordable feed, and a cosy fireside chat with mates.

Queue up at a secret location for some quality BDSM

Perth loves a pop up, and we’re not afraid to queue for it. And while we’re personally big fans of quite a few (Twin Beaks, Archie’s Hot Chicken, Dank Pizza, Young Levain…) Big Don is the Big Don for a reason. Perth’s barbecue king, expect a loving tribute to central Texas wood-fired barbecue, as well as forays into birria and collaborations with other local faves (like Meat Candy and Bad Love Burger Co.) – just make sure you keep your eyes peeled, because whatever he’s offering will sell out.

Image via Big Don’s Smoked Meats

Jump on a Wine Tour of the Swan Valley

It’s practically a Perth rite of passage, piling into a party bus and heading towards the Swan Valley wineries… And while memories may be a bit foggy, there’s no reason not to revisit the activity as a very mature, ahem, responsible, proper grown-up. There’s plenty of tour operators available, or for something a bit different, jump on board the Captain Cook Swan Valley Gourmet Wine Cruise, which during winter includes a Whippersnapper-spiked hot chocolate and mulled wine whilst on board.

Savour a bougie night at the State Buildings

We may be just simple folk, but we certainly enjoy the finer things in life every now and then – and if you’re going for bougie, State Buildings has got you covered. The Buildings are home to a stunning assortment of luxurious wining, dining, retail and more – whether it’s browsing the wares of Edicole or Lessons, lunch at Post or Petition, an evening drink at Beer Corner or Poole’s Temple or a six course tasting menu at Wildflower. Obviously, the only way to round out this day is with a stay at COMO The Treasury (and a visit to the Shambhala Urban Escape, of course).

Sit in a wine courtyard or small bar and talk about how much cooler we are than Melbourne

If you’re ancient like us, you’ll remember a time before all these charming small bars. It was pubs, clubs and more pubs – and then, the introduction of the small bar license in 2006 changed everything. Paired with the Melbourne-shaped chip on our shoulders, and suddenly there was a whole bunch of chatter about some teeny-tiny, hidden laneway bars. Helvetica was one of the first on the scene, with its legendary whisk(e)y selection, with cool-kids hangout Ezra Pound opening in the same year. Since then, we’ve made small bars our oeuvre, with stalwarts and newbies surviving through booms, busts and pandemics. Whether you’re looking for your new favourite neighbourhood spot, or a cosy courtyard for your next glass of pinot, we’ve got enough quirky small bars to finally put to rest any inferiority complexes we may have once had.

Venture into the ‘burbs for the best Bánh Mì

If you’re into bánh mì, you know that the ‘burbs are where it’s at. Bibra Lake Lunch Bar has become the stuff of legends, but northsiders are in luck with the lion’s share of Perth’s best Vietnamese and bánh mì in Girrawheen. Don’t worry, though – if you’re locked into the inner-city, you can still get some next-level rolls at Le Vietnam, Sunshine Cafe, or Bunn Mee.

Put away a cheap pint at your local Bowlo

The pillar of any great neighbourhood, a good local bowls club is worth its weight in lawn bowls. And the criteria for what makes a great bowls club is pretty simple: Are the greens in good nick? Are the pints cheap as chips? Are there old fellas at the bar up for a yarn? We’ve rounded up nine of our favourites over here, so you can work your way through them one by one.

Ruin a Monday with a Sunday Session

We’re not sure if Perth invented the Sunday Session, but we sure like to pretend we did. Nothing gets the working week off to a great start like rocking up hungover, and we’ve got ample opportunities to make that a reality. The Cott strip is the OG option, whether it’s the big party vibes of the Ocean Beach Hotel or a slightly more sophisticated Cottesloe Beach Hotel setting. Conversely head north up West Coast Highway to the Scarborough Esplanade, where you’ll find the likes of El Grotto, The Lookout, Peach Pit, Bay Bays, Scarborough Beach Bar and The Sandbar (and that’s not all) to pull up and watch the sun sizzle down into the Indian Ocean. It gets pretty rowdy, but that’s not to say it hasn’t chilled out a lot in recent times.


Set an alarm and catch the sunrise from Lion’s Lookout

Tired: Watching Perth sunsets. Wired: Watching a Perth sunrise! And there are plenty of spots in Perth to catch a spectacular sunrise, too. Lion’s Lookout might be our favourite – set amongst the hills, it’s a stunning view across to the city skyline, whether you’re there at dusk or dawn. If it’s a misty morning, you’ll practically feel like you’re amongst the clouds.

Hike through John Forrest National Park

The first national park designated in WA, this 2700 hectare park is set within a jarrah forest just outside of Perth. Filled with spectacular trails for any skill level, it’s also home to two of our favourite waterfall hikes in Perth.

Learn about Perth (Boorloo)’s Aboriginal history on a cultural tour

Outside of putting in some serious time at WA’s spectacular new Boola Bardip museum (more on that below), there are a variety of excellent cultural tours you can jump on to gain more insight into the Nyoongar people. Go Cultural and Nyungar Tours are a couple of excellent options closer to home, and there are plenty of others operating around the state you can look into as well. Another excellent resource is WAITOC.

Bush bash through Bold Park

Speaking of hikes – if you can’t make it to the Hills, there’s still plenty of ways to get into nature within the city. Bold Park is one of the largest remaining bushland remnants you can see in the metro area, and a huge conservation area. If you’re feeling up to a hike, you can park at the base and walk up one of the trails, which feature some pretty interesting information about the park’s history as a limestone quarry and camel quarantine. But if you’re short for time (or short of breath), you can drive up to the top of Reabold Hill and take in the ocean and city views from the summit lookout. Nearby is a trail to the ocean lookout, which is particularly worth a look in the late arvo (another great sunset lookout, but don’t get lost in the park in the dark!). Watch out for snakes!

Photo by The Life of Py

Survive a Perth storm

Nothing – and we mean nothing – gets Perth folks more riled up than a winter storm. More often-than-not our storms would barely nudge the dial on a teacup, but every now and then one comes through that really ruffles a few deckchairs in the backyard (last week’s flash floods being a good example). And you can’t mention Perth storms without recalling the great 2010 hail storm, your tone entirely dependent on whether or not your car was parked undercover or not.

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Watch a movie at Somerville Auditorium

When the Perth Festival’s Lotterywest Film Season starts each November, we feel a little like Christmas has come early. The program is always jam-packed with arthouse films from around the world – plus it’s a gorgeous setting for an evening picnicking under those iconic pine trees. Make sure to get there early (like, early) if you’re picky about which deckchair to sit in, and watch out for the kookaburras… they’ve been known to snatch cheese right out of your hand. If it ain’t Somerville season, you’re in luck because there are plenty of great outdoor cinemas all around Perth.

Catch a live local band

Per capita, Perth’s output of stellar musicians is actually astounding. Experimental noise-metal, dreamy synth-pop, unrelenting house and hip-hop electronica… whatever your flavour, we do it all – and with our own Perth-y perspective. Luckily, we’ve got heaps of venues for you to enjoy these artists at; like the Bird, Badlands, the Rosemount, the Aardvark… browse what’s on and take your pick and check our full list of Perth’s best live music venues.

Learn some history at the schmick new WA Museum Boola Bardip

The museum’s redevelopment has become the jewel of the Cultural Centre, with world-class collections in a stunning building that merges old and new. Beyond the building’s impressive aesthetic, the permanent exhibition Ngalang Koort Boodja Wirn shares the stories, history and culture of First Nations peoples of Western Australia. It’s an absolute, non-negotiable necessity for anyone in Perth.

Get some culture in ya in the Cultural Centre

It’s not through chance that the Cultural Centre got its name – its proximity to Perth’s foremost cultural destinations means that it’s the perfect spot to spend an afternoon. As well as Boola Bardip, the area is home to a number of institutions that have shaped Perth’s cultural landscape. We love PICA (one of our favourite art galleries) not just for its program of boundary-pushing contemporary art, but also its proximity to neighbouring Picabar (see: below), while the Blue Room Theatre and the State Theatre Centre of WA are the premier destinations to see some of Perth’s most exciting theatre productions. The Art Gallery of WA‘s late Brutalist architecture is worth a visit in and of itself, but we’re also waiting with bated breath to revisit the permanent collections once the gallery (and its new rooftop terrace!) reopens later this year.

Get jazzy down in a cellar

The Jazz Cellar has become almost a thing of legend. Whispers abounded about the secret speakeasy that you enter through a phone booth… it was the secret bar before it was a trend. Open for over 20 years, this underground institution is Perth’s home of traditional jazz – and visiting is a wholly idiosyncratic experience. Uniquely, the Cellar isn’t licensed – so remember to BYO both food and bev for your night out. Tickets are a flat rate of $30, and more often than not sell out well in advance; in part, because they are only open on Friday nights. Somehow, all these eccentric qualities add to its charm.

Peruse some artisan wares at some local markets

Our city is chock-a-block with artists, makers, foodies and creatives of all varieties, and there’s no better way to discover someone new than browsing through some stalls at a local market. Luckily, we’re spoilt for choice, year-round. The Perth Upmarket is the largest, taking place four times a year and showcasing over 180 makers within the picturesque surrounds of UWA. The Scarborough Sunset Markets are a glorious way to take in the salty sea breeze – with their winter iteration featuring custom fire pits for making s’mores, mulled wine and cheesy cob loaves, alongside other fantastic local makers. In December, you can’t go past the Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar: the cream of the artisan crop, and the perfect place to sort out your Christmas shopping while supporting local.

Get along to a game at Optus Stadium

Our sporting pride-and-joy, Optus Stadium, is a world-class spot to take in a game, no matter the season. Awarded in 2019 as Most Beautiful Sports Facility in the World, the stadium itself is worth the price of admission (if it’s not already sold out before the game). If you want to get a next-level view of the venue, you can even watch a quarter of footy from the best seat in the house – the roof! For another perspective, make sure to book in for an Aboriginal Cultural Tour with Warrang-Bridil, where you’ll walk the shores of the Derbal Yerrigan and learn about life pre-colonisation.

Get ya flippers out and snorkel Omeo Wreck

If you saw a photo of Omeo Wreck on the internet, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was photoshopped. The iron steam ship came adrift from Fremantle port way back in 1905, getting bogged in the sand at Coogee. Over the years it has remained in that spot, gradually falling apart with only the sternpost and a section of the collapsed bow triangle protruding from the water. Only 25 metres from the shore (and those picture-perfect stairs into the ocean!), the wreck is the centrepiece of the Coogee Maritime Trail; a recently completed initiative by the City Of Cockburn to create an epic snorkelling trail along Coogee Beach.

Explore Rottnest Island (Wadjemup) on land…

When you think of Rottnest Island, normally you picture world class beaches, quokkas and getting around the island on a bike, but did you know there is an extensive network of walking trails that will give you access to some of the remotest parts of the island? The Wadjemup Bidi is a recently constructed trail network that provides walkers some incredible insight into Rottnest Island’s cultural history and its time as an Aboriginal-only prison camp between 1838 and 1931, while paying respects to Rottnest Island’s Traditional Land Owners. Exclusively for walkers, you can explore areas of the island that you can’t normally access on the bike paths or roads with some stunning locations and beaches all to yourself.

Rottnest Island Pinkys

…and underwater

Rottnest Island is considered an A-Class Reserve, meaning the waters surrounding it are literally teaming with marine life. It’s home to more than 400 species of fish, fur seals, dolphins, rays, whales and more. Its pristine underwater environment means it’s a breathaking place to explore by snorkel or SCUBA, with over 20 species of coral and more than 130 species of tropical fish to be found. You can go off the beach at popular spots like The Basin, or explore further out to the 60+ secluded beaches and bays to be found on the island, or off a boat if ya lucky.

Cruise down Zig Zag Scenic Drive

We admit, we must be pretty in love with our city, given how obsessed we are with getting a good view of its skyline – and Gooseberry Hill’s scenic Zig Zag Drive offers some views of the Swan Coastal Plain that are unparalleled. It’s a steep, almost-3km one-way drive that winds down a very narrow road, with plenty of hairpin turns and dynamic changes of scenery around every corner. Just make sure to keep things slow and steady rather than 2 Fast 2 Furious… it only just reopened, after all.

Enjoy some Sunday arvo tunes at the Freo Arts Centre

We’ve already mentioned the tip-top musical talent coming out of WA, but one of our favourite, low-key ways to take in the local talent is at Fremantle Arts Centre’s Sunday Music series. Running between October and March, pack a picnic and set up camp under the plane trees and enjoy some of our state’s best musicians. We’d call it underrated, except the weekly crowds speak for themselves. Make sure you pop into the gallery and check out the latest exhibition too!

Get spooky on a Fremantle Prison Tour

We’re sure many of us have faded memories of school trips to Fremantle Prison – but don’t let that stop you from revisiting this historical landmark in adulthood. We can only speak for ourselves, but these days we’re much more on board with taking in the fascinating history of WA’s only World Heritage listed building. Tours range from convict history, notorious inmates and even punting through subterranean tunnels – plus some spooky torchlight tours, of course. If you’re really feeling the spooky history vibes, the WA Shipwreck Museum is just around the corner, where you can learn all about one of the deadliest mutinies in known history.

Have a browse at the Freo Markets

Established in 1897, Fremantle Markets remains a must-visit destination, whether you’re looking for some tasty treats or to meander through the unique stalls. A perfect Sunday for us would involve eating our way through the market’s varied cuisines, whether it’s Indonesian charcoal barbecue from Fluffy Lamb, authentic Venezuelan from Kachapas, succulent banh mi from Viet Kites, hangover-busting egg sandwiches from Eggspot, hitting up one of our favourite ramen joints, Dosukoi, or of course, getting a famous Levi’s doughnut. We haven’t even got started on the other wares on offer, which run the gamut from handcrafted timber products from Tricky Timber all the way to the ultra-charming ceramics from Wonky Mugs.

Regret your choices but gain ultimate smug points with a jog up Jacob’s Ladder

The city skyline views have made Jacob’s Ladder a Perth fitness favourite for years. See how many laps you can do as you run (or drag yourself) up and down the 242 steps. Maybe if you’re crazy enough, you can get into some chin-ups on the bar at the base. Once at the base of Cliff St, walk around to Mount St and really kill yourself with a hill sprint. Best of all, once you’re done, you have one of the best views in Perth to soak in as you stretch and re-hydrate (or if you’re food-motivated, head round the corner to Mount Street Breakfast Bar).

Stroll through the lush surrounds of Whistlepipe Gully

Lush forest, a babbling brook that turns into a series of rapids, dog friendly and close to Perth, Whistlepipe Gully ticks a lot of boxes for an enjoyable day out. Once a private property that has since been bought by the local council, the seasonal water course is set amongst Jarrah and Marri forest and runs down the face of the Darling Scarp. From a height of 200 metres, it drops down towards the Swan Coastal Plain, carving its way through the granite slope and eventually drains into the Canning River. The best (and only) way to experience Whistlepipe Gully is by following the 3.6km walking trail that takes you up one side of the creek and then loops back down the other side – from late winter to early summer, you’ll find the area filled with a huge variety of wildflowers and orchids.

Photo by The Life of Py

Stop and smell the wildflowers at Araluen Botanical Park

Obviously, we’re all about a bit of a nature hike, but sometimes you want to enjoy Mother Nature’s offerings without quite so much effort. Nestled amongst the hills of Roleystone, Araluen Botanical Park is one of the most picturesque manicured gardens in the state, if not the country. Open every day of the year, the park features an incredible array of exotic plants, landscaped to peaceful perfection and is a must-visit during wildflower season.

Do the day trip to Serpentine Falls

Are you even from Perth if every few weekends, your Instagram stories aren’t clogged up with someone’s day trip to Serpentine Falls? The Falls are the star attraction of the Serpentine National Park, nestled at the foot of the Darling Scarp – as the winter rains arrive, water cascades down 15 metre tall granite outcrops into a rock-lined pool below, turning it into a popular swimming and picnicking spot. Make sure to get there early: the falls are open from 8:30am to 5pm daily, but often reach capacity before 10. But once you’ve found a spot, you can enjoy the picturesque surrounds all day – plus there are heaps of native animals in the area, like Western Grey roos, echidna, mardo, quenda, brushtail possum, western brush-wallaby and more.

Chase some waterfalls

Just try to stop us talking about waterfalls! Perhaps we’ve revealed too much; we’re actually entirely sponsored by Big Waterfall. If you haven’t made it to any of the falls we’ve already talked about, perhaps we can entice you with two more glorious specimens: Lesmurdie Falls and Bells Falls. Both are just a short drive from the city, and during winter become pretty impressive destinations for day hikes and picnics. Lesmurdie Falls is the largest waterfall in the Hills, with a 40 metre plummet into the valley and a series of platforms for you to get close to the action.

Although Bells Rapids is a beautiful spot in itself, just a few hundred metres away is its lesser-known sibling, Bells Falls. If you park at Bells Lookout, look at the rapids and walk at a 45 degree angle, you’ll come across a hidden waterfall with beautiful views over the city and an informal firepit which can be used outside of the fire ban season. After heavy rainfall, this forgotten 25m waterfall can be heard before it’s seen. It is truly a beautiful sight, but getting there without a strictly defined path (at least not until the very end) can be quite daunting, so only go if you are feeling up to it.

SUP the Swan in South Perth

We can’t resist an alliterative activity, but stand up paddle boarding has become such a phenomenon in the last few years, can you blame us? A great low-impact activity for building strength, it’s the perfect way to unwind – whether chatting with friends or having a solo meditative moment taking in the magic of the Derbal Yerrigan. Plus, from the South Perth foreshore it’s yet another amazing way to take in a spectacular view of the city. Hit up Funcats if you need a rental – they’ve been around since 1975! 

Bust out a Bridge-To-Bridge run (or walk)

One of the most popular running routes in Perth, the Bridge-to-Bridge walk loops along the south and north shores of the Swan River, crossing over the Causeway and Narrows Bridges. Just shy of 10 kilometres, it’s a great route to take in views of the city and Kings Park, plus enjoy the scenic riverside atmosphere. Add on a loop around Heirisson Island if you’re keen to try and spot some inner-city roos on your run. If you prefer to walk, remember to allow at least two hours for the route.

Find a unique trinket at Melville Markets

Run by the local Rotary Club, Melville’s weekly swap meet is one of the most popular markets in Perth. Every Sunday, hordes of sellers descend on the Melville Plaza carpark in the early hours before sunrise. You’ll find all sorts of knick knacks, fashion and plants on offer – or, get up at the absolute crack of dawn to snag a bay for yourself – you’ve been meaning to have a clear out, after all!

Befriend a Black Cockatoo at Kaarakin

With all this talk about our picturesque landscape, we’ve got to show some love to the native animals that help make it so special. Australia is home to five species of black cockatoos, all of which are endangered due to a combination of land clearing, illegal shooting and competition with other species. The folks at Kaarakin are committed to saving as many of these iconic birds as possible – rescuing and rehabilitating them from countless threats, including being struck by vehicles, shot, or attacked by cats. Get involved by volunteering with the centre, visiting on one of their tour weekends, or even booking in for a close encounter – where you can get up close and personal with some residents.

Image via Kaarakin

Make more furry friends at Caversham Wildlife Park

Speaking of native animals, a visit to Caversham is something you just can’t pass up. Owned by a WA family since 1988, the park has the largest private collection of native wildlife in the state. Get the whole family on board for some interactive fun with the animals – you can hand-feed the kangaroos, touch a possum or lizard, or say hello to a wombat. Plus, watch the cheeky penguins at feeding time or get a photo with a koala. Don’t forget, the park is within the larger Whiteman Park conservation area, so you can follow up your visit with a walk through the bush and wetlands. 

Get amongst Rockingham’s water-based wildlife

Rockingham is home to plenty of impressive wildlife – and we don’t just mean the Premier! As well as stunning white sand beaches, the surrounding water is part of the Shoalwater Island Marine Park. The park includes some great snorkelling sites, as well as the nearby Churchill Park Dive Trail and Saxon Ranger dive wreck if you’ve got the appropriate permit. Just off the coast you’ll find the Shoalwater Islands themselves – Seal, Shag and Penguin, each named for their local residents. Penguin Island, while only around 800 metres in length, is the largest of the islands; home to a colony of over 1000 Little Penguins, along with dolphins, sea lions and heap of other aquatic life – plus there’s a discovery centre where you can learn about and meet the penguins! To check it out, book in for a ferry tour or kayak across to the islands (just make sure to keep your distance from the wildlife!).

Penguin Island

Go on an abseiling adventure in the Hills

Sure, you could drive up to the Hills, settle on a comfortable bench to watch a sunset… but why not take things up a notch? Spacechameleon Adventure Co. offers abseiling and other adventure activities all around WA – including some pretty speccy trips through Karijini. But, if you can’t go all the way up north, we reckon their twilight abseiling adventures are pretty special, too. You’ll get an amazing view of the city sunset from a 60 metre wall, followed by a 40 metre overhang in the dark with the skyline lit up. Now that’s a view!

Dig for vintage gold in Guildford

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to incredible antiques shops out in Guildford, but one you have to seek out off the main drag is Dr. Russell’s Imaginarium (pictured below). The man takes his antiques seriously – so seriously in fact sometimes it can be difficult to pry them out of his hands once you find that special little treasure. Retrofind is another great treasure trove: imagine furniture store meets 70s fondue party. Xavier’s store of handpicked mid-century European furniture, antiques and bric-a-brac is a highlight for anyone perusing the Guildford vintage strip. Get transported back to a time where the music was funky, bras were burned and keys were in the bowl. Plus, no visit to Guildford is complete without a stop into the Museum of Natural History: with over 2,000 stuffed creatures to peruse, it’s every bit as bizarre as it is wonderful.

Channel your inner Wim Hof with the team at Cold Nips

Sure, you can jump into a freezing ocean whenever, but why not make a few friends along the way? Every Wednesday (or Wednipsday), Cold Nips gathers like-minded, cold-loving maniacs to go for a hump-day dip. Their mantra is meet, splash, vibe – and it’s a truly invigorating way to start the day.

Don’t crash your truck into the Bayswater Bridge

Nothing is certain in life except these three things: death, taxes, and someone getting stuck under the Bayswater Bridge.

Header image: Cold Nips